Infinitum Innovation

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, but life is like that sometimes… But there is news. I’m in the middle of an entire site redesign, so look forward to that, and to work on a few things right I had to deactivate the mobile version of the website, so it’s not going […]

New prices and a new contract!!

It’s been a while Since I’ve had some free time to focus on my own business. But I’m proud to say I officially have prices listed now, on the prices tab, and I have a new contract ready for some use. However, not everything I offer right now is on the contract because I’m still […]

New work

The future is looking good. There are a few client sites in the works currently. I am excited to announce that I am also working on a site for a couple of close friends at Sierra Family Farms. They are good people and have a great product! Another project I hope to start soon is […]

Contact form fixed.

Good news, the server glitch we were having with the contact form…

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