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The future is looking good. There are a few client sites in the works currently. I am excited to announce that I am also working on a site for a couple of close friends at Sierra Family Farms. They are good people and have a great product! Another project I hope to start soon is a site for “Sonora Secrets”, another dear friend of mine.  Sonora Secrets is a little store in downtown Sonora that sells fun kitchen goodies. I also finished a site for another local, Suzanne Cruz.  Suzanne is a veteran of law enforcement and is now a motivational speaker on safety in your life.  Check out her site at Tactical Sue.

On a somewhat related note, I have also been doing exciting graphic design work lately.  One project is for “Rosalinda’s”, a bar and gentleman’s club just out of Jamestown.  Another design project is a custom certificate for another friend of mine who owns the Main Street Bake and Snack Shop in downtown Jamestown. I suggest you go there and order lots of goodies, it’s very good!  They are reasonably priced, and stay fresh for a long time. I just recently had a muffin that I had previously frozen, and after defrosting and warming, it tasted like fresh. I also have taken their baked goodies to the local radio stations in town, and they were gone in seconds.  Everybody loved them, so I can tell you they come highly recommended.

Other than that, everything is going as normal.  Still searching for more clients which I hope will go smoothly from now on with the new sites I have made (and in the process of making) to showcase my skills and ability. I’m also working on a portfolio to showcase my printed works.  I expect to have that working soon since I have greatly expanded my portfolio of printed materials recently.

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