Ok, this is something new I want to start on my site. Just a review of things I use when making things for either myself or my clients. And first on the list is Jotform, and not just because I get a few perks on my account cause I review them, it’s mostly because I love the platform!

Let me start this by saying I’ve been with them for a while. And while I can’t see how long my account has been active with them, I know it’s been at least 10 years, though that’s still a guess. I’ve been with them since they were only online forms. But I’ve recently discovered, they do way more than that now. Though that’s my bad, I haven’t ready any of the email’s they send me, and that’s kinda hurt now, but it’s ok, I still love them, and I’m sure they love me. I digress though, and I’m going to get to the point I promise. Back to what I was saying though…

Jotforms is for forms, at least that’s how it started out. I’ve always loved their service, and found they do a great job in helping you build forms, even from the very beginning when it was only forms. Though now it’s grown up. You can style your forms just about any way you want, all sorts of conditional options are available, even down to how you want emails sent after the form is filled out. I know it doesn’t sound like much, and I’ll be honest, this barely scratches the surface of what Jotform can do with forms. I’ve used them on many client sites, and I’m super close to upgrading my account with them just to get that little extra bit of functionality out of my forms, though right now the only reason I don’t is I don’t need the functionality bad enough to warrant shelling out the dough for a yearly license, though it would be 110% worth it if I had the need for it right now, I already know that. But anyway, it’s a great free option for forms, and even though I like google, Jotform is leagues better. Yes google is nice cause it’s free, and Jotform is limited to what you can do free, Jotform does it way better even if you’re limited to how many forms you can make. It’s a good trade off in my opinion, and well worth considering using Jotform, even if you’re limited to a free plan. I highly suggest you check it out if you’re in the need for a online form builder, and they are great for surveys too! They have a “kiosk” mode, that I think is awesome, even if I’m never going to need it, but it’s still really cool!

The next thing I have to say, is I’ve just recently found out they do PDF signing. Like Docusign does, but Jotform lets you do it FOR FREE, albeit a limited amount per month on the free plan (10 a month) but really, if you’re doing more than 10 a month, and making money off of if (for contract writing I assume) it’s well worth the upgrade. It’s super easy to use, easy to set up who signs where, and even has the same type of document tracking that Docusign does. It’s super nice and convenient, and I never knew this existed with Jotform till this last week. I wish I had known that months, no years, ago! Or at least when ever they came out with the feature, I wish I had read the emails they send out now.

And again, I’m just scratching the surface. Since I discovered the PDF signing option, I’ve been looking at the other stuff, and they offer stuff like payment collections, so you can collect payments for good, services, and even subscriptions though them, FOR FREE! They don’t charge anything though their service, you only pay who ever is processing it, like Paypal, or Stripe, or whoever. Just like you would normally pay them anyway. I haven’t really looked at that too hard yet, but rest assured I will, and given an update later about it.

They honestly do have a slew of other products as well, and I’m glad all the time that I use Jotform for my business, and for my clients as well. It makes things soo easy for everyone involved that it’s worth the time taken to set up forms for anything, they work really well for contact forms as well. They even have stuff now to help you build reports, and while I don’t use it right now, I’m sure in the future that would be something very nice, or for others it’s possible something that could be useful now!

Either way, it’s a great site and a great company, and I highly suggest you check them out, I’ll leave my referral link here for anyone who wants to check it out and give me a little boost while doing so, and keep in mind, it’s 110% free, so there is nothing to loose here at all. Referral Link