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I am a protector, a guardian.
I watch over you, keep you safe.
I protect you from the cruel world.
Keep you safe from those who try to harm you.
Even if you don’t see me, I am always there.
Always protecting you, keeping you safe.
I am there when you need a friend.
I am there to talk to you, and comfort you.
I am there when you are happy, and when you are sad.
I am there when you are scared and helpless.
I will encircle you with my protective arms.
I am your light in dark times.
I will always be there.
Be there to protect you, and save you from evil.
I am your Guardian Angel.
I will always be watching, always waiting.
Watching and waiting for when you need me.
When you call me, I will be there to love you, when no one else will.
I will always be there, your Guardian Angel.

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